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July 16, 2010 / Suzie

Suzie Preps for Monster DLP in Atlanta

Ya’ll, I’m in Georgia getting ready for Monster DLP! The Monster Diversity Leadership Program “helps top-tier college students bridge the gap in the transition from college to entry-level career. This dynamic, energy-filled program gives students the opportunity to build life and career skills and network with industry-leading employers while forging lifelong relationships with other high-achieving peers.” Like I said in my last post on how to attend a career fair, I’m going to treat this leadership program as a recruiting event.

In preparation, I have researched the sponsors and their job openings. After narrowing down what jobs I would actually be interested in, I took my standard resume and molded it to fit key words and phrases that the job description calls for. On a side note: don’t forget that I am reviewing resumes for FREE this week! Email Details here.

I think that the DLP will be a great experience, and maybe I can find a job out of it!

Oh, and on the career fair I went to on Wednesday. There were long lines, and a lot of careers that I wasn’t interested in, but after talking to a few enthusiastic recruiters, I am definitely going to apply to some federal internships made for recent grads after college. Overall: worthwhile to go to, but nothing worth getting your hopes up for.

See you Monday!


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