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June 23, 2010 / Suzie

Suzie Sorts her Budget

Okay folks. I’ve bitten the bullet and created a pretty tight budget for July. I know exactly what I will need to spend my money on, what I’ll want to spend my money on, and how I am willing to cut costs. I sorted the money in percentages so that it can be compared to any budget.

As you will inevitably notice, transportation is the biggest drain on my funds right now, not education (which was the case of June). I know that I will need to go to and from work several times, and that remains constant. I also added some flexibility so that I can see my friends.

I see that I have groceries, restaurants, alcohol and bars, and fast food all listed. Before you call me a fatty, where do you socialize? For me, it’s over meals and sometimes a movie. This invests in “me” time, and I’m happy to spend the money on it.

“Money” is basically any extra money that I want to spend. I think that everyone needs some budge in their budget.

While analyzing my budget, I realized that I could cut total spending, after removing the abnormal education cost of a GRE prep class and test, by 8% if I spend every penny of my budget (which I hopefully won’t do… dear God, please don’t let there be an amazing sale that I can’t say “no” to!). To keep up with this, I am going to track every penny that I spend and write down the percentage of the budget it cost. Think I can do it?

– Suz


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